International Women’s Day

In which we get ready for pre-launch and make some videos.

Hello everyone! Happy International Women’s Day 2021! We are barrelling along with the artwork for Library Labyrinth, and it is just so exciting! As before, I’m Jess, one fifth of the team and your narrator.

New artwork

We have lots of exciting things to show you! Firstly, here’s Enheduanna, who is the oldest historical character in Library Labyrinth, as she lived in about 2300 BCE.

We also have a couple of horrors available: the portal and the basilisk. Look at these stunning tiles!

Finally, we’ve been refining our name (“title treatment”, use the correct term Jess) and have put some colourful books behind it. We’ll still have the all gold version, but that will be used for those places where the title needs to be so small that the books and text would get lost. The colourful one is what is going to be on the box. However, because we’ll be using in different places, we may need to scale the gold tint on the text up and down. And why have we been looking at different levels of gold, you might ask? Well, it’s because (drumroll, please) we have a pre-launch page on Kickstarter!

A pre-launch page is where people can sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live. Ours is the snappy url Please share as far and wide as you can! We expect to actually launch at the start of July.

Here’s the artwork on the front of the Kickstarter pre-launch page.

Videos….coming very soon….

The other thing we’ve mainly been doing is shooting videos. Oh yes. This is hugely exciting! Video is a big way that people interact with, you know, stuff, and so it’s important that we have something out there. We’re recording three short videos about the game, and stitching them seemlessly together as Book I, Book II, and Book III. Let’s start at the end and go backward through them….

Book III will be a fairly standard video introducing some of the team. It’ll be about four or five minutes long, and will cover why we’re making the game and how the idea came about. Book II is a quick run through of the components, some of the artwork, and the basic mechanics. And Book I – well, that’s the fun bit! Book I is going to be a zoom call with some of the characters. Oh yes, we’re going to dress up. It turns out that Mill has a proper centurion helmet just lying about.

Playtesters needed!

Could you help us playtest? Please do! We have a Facebook group here, and we are trying to move to public playtesting about once a week.

Next steps

Once we have these videos made, we’ll be sharing them on social media. Please do watch out for them, and try to get as many people as possible to sign up for this newsletter or to follow us. And to click on the Kickstarter pre-launch page, of course!

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