Setting out the components

In which we show you what the game looks like, and share an online play-through.

Hello everyone! We have so much to share with you from the last month! As before, I’m Jess, part of the team and your narrator.

New artwork

We have been working really hard on the board and layout. Here’s what we think it might look like laid out on the table…

We also have an idea of what some of the cards might look like…

As you can see, we’re still very unsure about font size, boldness, and the size of the symbols….but we’re getting there.

Girls Drinking Wine

Earlier this week Ella and I had a date with Jacqueline and Visioness from Girls Drinking Wine And Playing Board Games. We played Library Labyrinth and streamed it live on Twitch. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed the game. Even Tabletop Simulator falling over towards the end couldn’t dent our fun! Unfortunately Twitch and WordPress are not very compatible, so you may need to actually click here to see the video.

Playtesters needed!

Could you help us playtest? Please do! We have a Facebook group here. We’ve recently been playtesting at an online Protospiel, and it was very, very useful.

Next steps

Are you a teacher? Or are you the parent of a teenager? We’re thinking about putting together a teacher’s pack for schools. If you have thoughts about this, please do email us at

Also, please do remember to sign up on our pre-launch page: Please share as far and wide as you can! We expect to actually launch at the start of July.

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