See you at UK Games Expo?

In which we talk about recent changes and future plans. And about bookmarks.

Hello everyone! I hope you all have an ice cream as you settle down for this latest newsletter. As before, I’m Jess, part of the team and your narrator.

Chipping away at complexity

June has been, like May, mainly spent in playtesting. The end game has proved the most difficult, but in figuring it out we have tried all number of different approaches and made many changes. The clock is now in the centre of the board, counting down more clearly and obviously. Instead of single turns, the action now happens in rounds. Actions can be passed to other players — but only players who come after you in the round, which makes it much more interesting! Overall, we have tried to make the game less complex and more gateway.

More artwork!

Here’s the really exciting part. I think the pictures are the best bit of any newsletter, especially when they look like this. Sam has been doing a few more sketches, and here are a few to share with you. First a triffid (of course!), and then a spider web and lasers.

Sam’s also been working on the characters. Here’s Jo March from Little Women.

And here are some sketches for some others. Still very much a work in progress, of course.

Another podcast!

Here’s another podcast — this time Jess and Mill on the Board Game Workshop podcast. These are SO much fun to do!

We’ll be at Games Expo!

We’re going to UK Games Expo! It’s in Birmingham from 30 July until 1 August. Mill will be there with prototypes of Library Labyrinth, so if you’ll be there please do drop by our stand. We’ll also have bookmarks too, which look like this…

Next steps

Well, we’re mainly playtesting still. Hopefully we’ll have prototypes ready for the end of July.

Could you help us playtest? Please do! We have a Facebook group here. Also, please do remember to sign up on our pre-launch page: Please share as far and wide as you can! We expect to actually launch over the summer.

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