All about the front cover

In which we share some very early drafts of the front of the box, and talk about the timetable from here on…

Hello everyone! Well, we have been busy discussing what an attractive box looks like. I’ve also been thinking time scales and how we need to get a move on. As always, I’m Jess, part of the team and your narrator.

What’s on the front of the box?

Right at the start of this process we were really clear about what the box front should look like. It would have characters and monsters emerging from the books. However, once we started putting pen to paper it turned out that “emerging” meant different things for different people. Were the characters jumping out, or falling out? Were the monsters lurking in the background, or being pushed back into the pages? So Sam came up with three basic sketches for us.

Two rather predictable things happened. The first was that we all had different opinions about which was most appropriate for the front of the box. One of the questions there was where the logo would go, because while it’s important that the box artwork looks good, it’s even more important that people can correctly identify the game… The second predictable thing was that we asked if Sam could possibly combine all the ideas into one. Which she did, ad here’s the result!

Now, that’s a rectangular picture and we’ll be looking at a square box — but nonetheless, it’s something to work with. And perhaps the smaller pictures can be somewhere on the side? The only remaining question now is how to make the whole thing shadowy and mysterious without being too brown…

Time scales

You will all be asking yourselves “so, when do you launch the Kickstarter?” And we have an answer! It’s March next year, so March 2022. It may be the start of the month, or it may be 8 March, as that is International Women’s Day.

This gives us enough time to make a prototype and send it out to reviewers. And get more of the art done!

So, put it in your diaries. March 2022 is when Library Labyrinth launches on Kickstarter.

Out and about

This weekend Mill (and her partner David) have taken the prototype to WynterCon. Here are a few pictures of them showing off the game there, and at a meet-up in their home town.

Other work

Something else very exciting is happening — Christmas cards! Jess (that’s me) has produced some solo puzzle greetings cards and is selling them to raise money for Library Labyrinth. Every penny raised by the cards goes into making Library Labyrinth a reality. So, if you send cards at Christmas then do head on down to the Roll & Colour: Christmas Cards Kickstarter to back a pack.

Next steps

Could you help us playtest? Please do! We have a Facebook group here. Also, please do remember to sign up on our pre-launch page: Please share as far and wide as you can!

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