Prototypes arrive!

In which we share pictures of the exciting new prototypes and tell you to watch out for short stories, events, and Screentop….

Hello everyone! Can you believe it’s STILL January? This truly is the longest month. As always, I’m Jess, part of the team and your narrator for these updates.

Stop faffing about and show us the prototypes!

Yes, well, good point. Without any further faff from me, here is the box arriving, and the first glimpse!

And a few more once we’d got them out and had a good look.

Here’s one all set up and waiting.

A couple more close ups of cards.

And the game in action!

Anyway, we’re pleased as punch about it. (I’m now hoping that means the drink, rather than the puppets.) It is a prototype rather than a finished version, and so there are half a dozen things with the artwork we’ll probably change. We may make the dark side of the floor tiles darker, and we may make the title on the box bigger — and those are just two examples of possible changes! We also don’t have much of the character artwork complete, and only a handful of the literary terrors. And there’s going to be a booklet about the characters and terrors, and that’s not even started yet…

So, what now for Team Library Labyrinth?

Yesterday the prototypes were all sent out again! (Yes, the amount of time they stayed in my front room was very short. I went to the post office three times yesterday.) Some have gone to reviewers, some out to be travelling prototypes for playtesters.

Mill will be creating a ”How to Play” video over the next few days. We’ll then video a play through. Both those videos will go up on the Kickstarter page.

There is quite a lot of tidying up to be done on the Kickstarter page — all the words are there, but not the images, not the headings, not the diagrams. That feels like quite a big job!

I am also putting Library Labyrinth on Screentop. This is a free way to play games in your browser. So far I have all the components up, but not the rules, or any layout suggestions on the table. Fingers crossed, these last bits may even be done tomorrow. Once it’s done I’ll edit this post with a link, as well as sharing on social media.

Next week is also ”Tell a Story” week, so we will be posting short stories about some of the possible encounters. The first one features some small pigs, so stay tuned (as they probably no longer say) for that!

Upcoming events

Mill is going to be at the Guildhall Games Festival in Portsmouth on 29 January. Both Mill and I will be at AireCon in mid March — by which time the Kickstarter will be live!

Next steps

Please do remember to sign up on our pre-launch page: Please share as far and wide as you can! We launch at the start of March 2022.

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