International Women’s Day

In which we talk about how it feels to be one week in to the Library Labyrinth kickstarter, and run through the women on the front of our box.

Good afternoon everyone! Well, we have been live on Kickstarter for a week, and are now 124% funded. (Hurrah!) As always, I’m Jess, part of the team, and your narrator.

Tell us about the Kickstarter!

We funded on Friday, which was fantastic. We are now just below £18,000 and have 23 days left to go — which means we may even get to 200%! Fingers crossed…

Our next stretch goal is at £18k, and it’s for some trickier curse cards. These will be cards to shuffle in to the disturbance deck which turn over TWO floor tiles instead of one. It makes it harder, as well as adding another slightly more random element into the game. Some of our playtesters wanted to have this more punishing option, so it’s (hopefully going to be) in the game!

We also have a couple more terrors to share, as well as a draft — here is Dracula, the Jabberwocky, and most of a Kraken. (Colour on the Kraken to follow.) I reckon the Jabberwocky and Dracula would get along, as they share the same toothy grimace.

So, how does it feel? Well, it feels a bit strange still. Running a Kickstarter takes a lot of energy. It’s a constant high-alert, always watching out for the next backers, checking where the funding has got to… While Mill, Ella, Sam and I are all enjoying the campaign, it will feel good to get to the end of March and be able to relax a little more.

Tell us something more…

Hmmmm. Would you like to know about the women on the front of the box?

On the left, towards the top of the picture, is Little Red Riding Hood. In the classic children’s folk story Red runs up against the Big Bad Wolf. In this game her skills include navigation and being a good shot.

At the bottom of the picture, on the far left, Cheng Yat Sao, aka Ching Shih. An amazingly successful pirate commander, she led a fleet of 400 ships (up to 60,000 pirates!) at the the height of her power in 1805. 

Next to her is Mary Seacole. She was a British-Jamaican nurse and businesswoman who set up the “British Hotel” behind the front lines in the Crimean War. Much of the current profession of nursing was set up by her. 

In the centre is Athena, the Greek goddess of war, wisdom, and the arts. She’s a good all-round character in Library Labyrinth, with a good spread of skills to capture those literary terrors and put them back in their books.

One to the right, holding the mirror, is Jo March. She’s one of the four sisters in Little Women, which has been popular ever since publication in 1868. Jo is hotheaded, passionate, and an excellent writer. 

Next to her is Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. One of the best-known children’s characters, she brings curiosity, kindness, and a tiny bit of magic…

To the far right on the bottom row is the Chevalier d’Eon. A French diplomat and spy, she lived the first half of her life as a man, and the second half as a woman. She died in 1810 after a life of intrigue. 

Towards the top right corner is Hypatia of Alexandria. A mathematician and philosopher, she was renowned during her lifetime as a great teacher. She was murdered in 415 after accusations of political interference. 

What’s coming up?

Mill and I will be at AireCon this coming weekend! It’s in Harrogate in Yorkshire (about half way up the UK, broadly in the middle) and we are hugely looking forward to it. We’ll report back from AireCon next week.

Exciting links

Anything you can do to help get the word out would be fabulous, and very very much appreciated. Here are the important links:

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