In which we think a little about the workshops, and ask our Asian and Australian followers for suggestions on terrors…

Good morning everyone, and welcome back to another post! Our Kickstarter runs until next Thursday, and so far we have raised £27k. We have more than 850 backers, and frankly I’m a little bit tingly inside that so many people have trusted us to make them a game! As always, I’m Jess, and I’m your narrator.


One of the things we are doing is running workshops. Click here for a list of all the workshops we will be offering. Some are for adults, such as the talk about the characters in Library Labyrinth or the exercise on our own strengths and fears. Others are for classes of children, including one where the children need to run around the room matching the cards they have in their hands with the monsters on the board — and, of course, they need to pair up with others to match all of the symbols.

We are offering these free to all state schools, public libraries, and community centres in the UK, and for a small donation to private schools and commercial venues. If you’re a board game cafe, for example, the donation may be a free meal in the cafe rather than a cash donation. If you want to sign up your school, or suggest a place to visit, please fill out the form at the top of the list of workshops page.

Terrors! Do we have some more terrors?

Oh yes, we have more terrors. Here are some absolutely brilliant drawings from Sam.

The horse’s skull is the Mari Lwyd (a tradition from Wales which is pretty spooky), and then to the right is plague and Cerberus (the dog who guards the underworld). On the bottom row, left to right: Fenrir the Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf, anxiety, and Grendal’s Mother. There are more terrible things to come…

When we’ve been looking at these, we have noticed one thing in particular — no Asian or Australian terrors. It would be great to change this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please contact us, or say something on Twitter, or write in the comments!

What’s next?

We have three days until the end of the Kickstarter! It ends at 10pm UK time on 31 March. Anything you can do to help get the word out would be fabulous, and very very much appreciated. Here are the important links:

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