Library Labyrinth at UK Games Expo

In which we panic that we’re behind with the pledge manager (sorry) but on track with the game (hurrah), share some more example of artwork, and talk about UK Games Expo!

Hello again, and welcome back to another newsletter for Library Labyrinth. It’s been a while partly because of the rush to go to UK Games Expo. Hurrah, Expo! As always, I’m Jess, and I’m your narrator.

What’s happening at Expo?

Dissent Games will be there all weekend. (In fact, I’m leaving in about 30 minutes.) We’re on stand 2-482, which is in the second hall near the chill zone and the food. We’ll be demo-ing Library Labyrinth as well as selling Roll & Colour notepads and greetings cards and copies of Disarm the Base.

What about the pledge manager?

I am really sorry that we haven’t got GameFound up and running yet. I somewhat underestimated the amount of data I would need to put into it (especially things such as testing the PayPal links), and left it until the last minute. That’s entirely my foolishness. So you know, it’s currently about 40% done, and once we are back from UK Games Expo then that’s going to be my top game priority.

Art! More art!

We do indeed have some more art. I’m just going to share one, which is the Queen of Sheba. She is mentioned in several historical sources as an important figure, although it’s not clear where precisely she came from. Some suggest Egypt, others Ethiopia. We original dressed her in something tighter, but it was rightly pointed out that robes would have been loose and flowing. So here she is in gold and cream, as a powerful Queen.

What’s next?

We are looking to get Library Labyrinth printed by Long Pack, and I’m currently talking with them about the different sorts of packaging (to reduce plastic) and the cardboard they use. Fingers crossed the conversations all go well.

If you wanted to share some of the fabulous stuff happening on Library Labyrinth, these are the important links:

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