Pledge manager and late pledges

In which we celebrate our victory over (sorry, I obviously mean ”with”) the pledge manager and think about the curse cards and reward cards!

Hello again! It’s lovely to see you back for another newsletter for Library Labyrinth. As always, I’m Jess, and I’m your narrator.

Tell us about the pledge manager!

Well, we have finally got the pledge manager up and running. It was rather more difficult than we thought it would be, partly because I (Jess) managed to somehow insert all the countries of the world inside the UK in the shipping section. How I did this I do not know. But it has been fixed, and it works!

If you are a backer, and would like to pay for your shipping, then you can do that via GameFound. (Backers can also pay for shipping via this website, if they don’t want to open a GameFound account. More information in the survey going to all backers.) If you’d like to late pledge for Library Labyrinth then you can do that too!

The link for GameFound is here.

So, new cards…

One of the things Ive been working on is the disturbance cards. These are how the curse chooses the next tile to turn over. Playtesters were clear that the cards should each have the rules for what happened to the tile chosen. I’ve mocked up two versions and am asking people on Twitter and Facebook what they think.

I’ve also been re-drawing the reward cards. These currently look like this.

All thoughts welcome!

Printing updates

We have spoken with Long Pack, who will be printing the game. They are able to print using FSC certified materials. That means that the paper, card, and wood used in the game will have come from sustainable forests. It’s a really important step, and I am so glad they could do this for us. They will also place the meeples directly into the cloth bag, instead of using a little plastic baggie, and will use paper bands on the cards. The game itself will be sealed in skrinkwrap, but there will be none inside.

Games Expo

It was a lot of fun! As well as Library Labyrinth, we also had some Roll & Colour games, which are also available as part of a Library Labyrinth pledge.

What’s next?

We are putting together yet more artwork (by this point I can save the files in three different places as both jpegs and PDFs in my sleep). If you wanted to share some of the fabulous stuff happening on Library Labyrinth, these are the important links:

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