Terrors! And last call for pre-orders

In which we share all the exciting artwork of terrors, reveal the now-bigger meeples, and show you how it’s all going to be packed inside the box.

Hello everyone, and welcome to another newsletter. As before, I’m Jess, and I’m your narrator on this exciting update.

Show me the terrors!

Last time we showed you all the amazing characters. Well, these are the things they may find in the library… (Names at the end.)

Row by row, left to right (and then sometimes down a half-line), we have:

Fenrir the Wolf, Mari Lwyd, Anxiety

Grendal’s Mother, Minotaur, Jabberwock

Pit & the Pendulum, Dracula, Plague

Chupacabra, Reichenbach Falls

Kraken, Big Bad Wolf, Bunyip

Wormhole, Triffid, Martian Robot

Spider Webs, King in Yellow, Basilisk

Forest of Thorns, Jekyll & Hyde, Cerberus, Tornado

So what does the game look like?

Here are the latest photos of the game. We increased the size of the meeples slightly, as they seemed a touch lost with the bigger tiles. Here’s also a photo of how the game looks being packed up by our manufacturer, LongPack.

What’s next?

We’ll still working on the downloadable workshops, although we have been trying them out at libraries!

You can still pre-order Library Labyrinth, but only until the end of December 2022. It’s at GameFound here.

If you wanted to share some of the fabulous stuff happening on Library Labyrinth, these are the important links:

3 thoughts on “Terrors! And last call for pre-orders

  1. Would live to host you at the library I work at in Rugby, Warwickshire. We have a board game collection, weekly games group and regular events.


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