International Women’s Day

In which we get ready for pre-launch and make some videos. Hello everyone! Happy International Women’s Day 2021! We are barrelling along with the artwork for Library Labyrinth, and it is just so exciting! As before, I’m Jess, one fifth of the team and your narrator. New artwork We have lots of exciting things toContinue reading “International Women’s Day”

Flying books and maps on boards

In which we consider the title treatment and the maps on the boards. Hello everyone! It’s been an exciting few weeks since our last update, and I’m keen to show you our progress. As before, I’m Jess, one fifth of the team and your narrator. What’s the name going to look like? Well, this isContinue reading “Flying books and maps on boards”

Playtesting, playtesting, and yet more playtesting

In which we introduce ourselves properly and ask for playtesting help…. Hello again! I’m writing this wrapped in several blankets, looking out at snow fluttering gently down outside the window…all to the accompaniment of the shouts and screams of two small children. Lockdown is not exactly peaceful in our house. More about us I’m Jess,Continue reading “Playtesting, playtesting, and yet more playtesting”

Skills, boards, and the team

In which we introduce our skill symbols, consider how the board may be constructed, and ask a serious question about building a team. Hello all, and welcome to our December newsletter! Let’s talk about skill symbols first, and then move on to some of the other exciting things we’ve been doing. Skills: symbols and categoriesContinue reading “Skills, boards, and the team”

Welcome to Library Labyrinth

Library Labyrinth is a co-operative board game set in a library. Something very strange is going on, and dark and mysterious things are hiding among the shelves. The only way out is to ask the characters in the books for help…. Players call on historical and fictional women for help. Each character has a setContinue reading “Welcome to Library Labyrinth”