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We’re looking for sensitivity readers and cultural consultants. Could that be you?

Help needed!

Sensitivity readers and cultural consultants

Although we have some cultural breadth in our core team (find out more about us here!), we know that we cannot cover everything alone. We’ll be hiring some cultural consultants and sensitivity readers to make sure that we get certain characters right. Is the illustration right? Should they be included in the first place?

In particular, we are looking for people to help us on these cultures and identities:

  • Africa: historic characters from Angola, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zulu (time period ranges between 1100-1900)
  • Asia: Japan, Mongolia, the Punjab, Thailand (time period ranges between 900 and 1875)
  • Black North American: fictional and historic characters connected to slavery (time period 1800-1930)
  • Central and South American: fictional and historic characters from Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico, Venezuela (time period ranges between 1475 and 1850)
  • Disability advocates, particularly wheelchair users
  • Indigenous North American: historic character (time period 1800)
  • LGBT+, particularly transwomen
  • Middle East, fictional characters from the area previously covered by Persia (time period between 800-1000)
  • Religious voices, particularly Muslim and Skih

We will give you credit for your help by putting your name alongside ours in the rulebook/box and having your name on the website.

We are committed to paying you or giving to charity in your name. Please tell us what your rates are. If you are able to take payment after the game has funded on Kickstarter then that would really help, although of course we know that not everyone will be in that position.

The amount of work needed varies. Some of these are for characters who are already well known, where we need to be certain that the presentation is correct (such as Scheherezade from 1001 Nights), and so may be a single conversation. Others are significantly more complex or involve multiple characters.

Please email to express your interest – we’d love to hear from you!

10% of the profit will go to charities or campaigning organisations

This game is about raising up women, and so we want some of the money we make from it to go to organisations doing that. In all honesty, we don’t expect to make very much of a profit, and certainly not enough to cover the work we’ve been putting into the project! But 10% of what we do make will be given to women’s charities or campaigning organisations, and the remainder shared fairly between all the people who’ve worked on Library Labyrinth.

If you’d like to recommend a charity or campaigning organisation we could make a donation to, please do drop us a line.

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