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The game has changed over time! It started as this…and ended up as this…

Library Labyrinth now

Library Labyrinth is a tile-based game, featuring octagonal floor tiles which rotate as part of the game.

On many of the tiles sit literary terrors such as Triffids, a Basilisk, spiders, the Martian Robots from the War of the Worlds. Or further down we have the Pit and the Pendulum, the Jabberwocky, Fenrir the Wolf, anxiety, plague, Grendal’s Mother, the Mari Lwyd.

The book cards feature fictional and historical women, such as the characters below.

On the actual cards they have a grey background, and look more like this…

They’re divided into six different book categories: children’s fiction, classic fiction, legends, historical leaders, amazing lives, and science.

The grid of tiles contains blank crossroads (the starting tile features a compass), safe shelving spaces (green), reward tiles (purple) and terror tiles (red). The shelves, rewards, and terrors vary between three path “T” junctions and two path corners. There are additional tiles in the box (30 tiles for a 25 tile grid) so that players can choose easier or harder set ups.

The cover features Little Red Riding Hood, Cheng Yat Sao (aka Ching Shih), Mary Seacole, Athena, Jo March from Little Women, Alice in Wonderland, the Chevalier d’Eon, and Hypatia.

As it developed

We (Jess, Mill, Ella, and Sam) have been developing Library Labyrinth for almost two years. It’s gone through many changes in that time, but the core idea — of inspiring women collaborating to overcome a problem — has remained the same. Here is a set of photos of the game in chronological order, so you can see how the game changed.


It’s been vigorously playtested online, offline, and at conventions. Here are a whole load of photos of people enjoying a game!

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