Lesson plans and artwork

What else is planned?

Library Labyrinth features amazing female and non-binary role models. What else can we do with these wonderful people and the wonderful drawings of them?

Bookmarks and greetings cards

We have some bookmarks to give away at conventions, and if you’ve seen us recently you may have picked on up. We have plans for greetings cards too. Although we haven’t yet decided precisely who will feature on them, it’s a fairly safe bet that Queen Nzinga will be one!

Both greetings cards and bookmarks will be available to buy as add-ons during the Kickstarter, as well as afterwards. There may also be a downloadable PDF for those who wish to print their own bookmarks at home. These should all be available almost as soon as the Kickstarter ends.

Information booklet

As promised, there will be an information booklet all about the characters — and the horrors too. It’s likely to be around 50 pages and spiral-bound. This should be available at the same time as the game, or slightly earlier.

Lesson plans and teaching aids

The game itself is a great teaching aid! However, it might not be quite right for a classroom of 30 teenagers. Therefore we’re planning to create two things to help teacher or home-schoolers: a set of lesson plans, and a classroom or workshop version of the game.

The lesson plans will be sold in packs, and each will cover one individual character in the game. We’re working with teachers to make sure that they are quality teaching aids suitable for UK classrooms. Some would be more suitable for history classes, others for English classes. These will be fully downloadable and would probably be available in autumn 2022.

We’re also looking at creating a card-only version of the game which an entire class of 30 children could play. This game would involve children each taking a character or literary horror and then moving around the room to create teams and put the horrors back in the books. This card version would be available around the start of 2023.

Can you help us?

Would you like to playtest? Or maybe you can help us spread the word? Let us know how you can help!

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