Library Labyrinth

An intersectional feminist dungeon crawler set in a library

Library Labyrinth is a co-operative board game set in a library. Something very strange is going on, and dark and mysterious things are hiding among the shelves. The only way out is to ask the characters in the books for help….

Players call on historical and fictional women for help. Each character has a set of special skills which help defeat the terrible things lurking in the library. The players need to work together to build the right team to find the way through the maze of bookshelves and escape the library.

About the team

We’re a group of women with a mixture of backgrounds and experiences. At the moment there are five of us, although the team may grow… Find out more about who we are here.

Make a suggestion

Can you help? We’d love to hear which fictional characters, real-life women, and literary horrors you think should be included in our game. Find out more about how we’re choosing characters here.

Playtest with us

If you’d like to help us test the game, please do get in touch via our Facebook playtesting group.


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Skills, boards, and the team

In which we introduce our skill symbols, consider how the board may be constructed, and ask a serious question about building a team. Hello all, and welcome to our December newsletter! Let’s talk about skill symbols first, and then move on to some of the other exciting things we’ve been doing. Skills: symbols and categoriesContinue reading “Skills, boards, and the team”

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