Library Labyrinth

Build a team of amazing fictional and historical women to put escaped literary horrors back in their books! Can the Lady of Shalott defeat Dracula? Or Heidi and Ada Lovelace overcome a Kraken? Can Nzinga and Mary Seacole deal with the Martian Robots from War of the Worlds? Sign up for our newsletters to hear more!

Library Labyrinth is a co-operative board game set in a library. It plays in about 45-60 minutes and is suitable for ages 12 and up.

About the team

We’re a group of women with a mixture of backgrounds and experiences, all based in the UK. At the moment there are five of us, although the team may grow . . .

Find out more about who we are here.

Can you help?

Tell us which fictional characters, real-life women, and literary horrors should be included! Find out more about how we’re choosing characters here.

If you’d like to help us playtest, please do get in touch via our Facebook playtesting group.


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Prototypes arrive!

In which we share pictures of the exciting new prototypes and tell you to watch out for short stories, events, and Screentop…. Hello everyone! Can you believe it’s STILL January? This truly is the longest month. As always, I’m Jess, part of the team and your narrator for these updates. Stop faffing about and showContinue reading “Prototypes arrive!”

Prototypes are go!

In which we wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and nervously await our prototypes arriving… Hello everyone! And Merry Christmas! I recently watched The Muppet Christmas Carol (as we all know, one of the more faithful re-tellings out there, and I’m entirely serious) and so Christmas has officially started. As always, I’m Jess, part of theContinue reading “Prototypes are go!”

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